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Campaign Description

This is a competition between ICOs listed on the platform. This competition is being held with the support of, Capital Technologies & Research and team members via platform and the Telegram bot @icocall_ico_voting_bot.

The $10,000 worth Promotion Premium Package will be awarded to the most voted ICO on the platform and it will last for 1 month from the moment of activation. It's benefits are the following:

  • All ICO updates will be revised and processed within 24 hours
  • Your ICO on top of all assigned categories
  • Your ICO on top of the browse section
  • Increased visibility on the competitors' ICO profiles
  • Competitors removed from your ICO profile
  • Audit and rating service
  • Expert review on your profile
  • Full-width banner ad pinned at the top of all pages, including the homepage
  • PR Newswire's 3000+ websites for maximum online visibility
  • Recommended in 2 weekly newsletters

Don't forget to check the rules section of the campaign!

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Campaign Rules

The campaign starts on the 18 of October 2018 and it will last for 30 days. It's set to end on the 17th of November 2018.

Available ICOs for voting can only be found on the platform. In order to cast your vote for a specific ICO, every user would be needed to visit the ICO listing and click on the Vote button. They will be redirected to the Telegram bot @icocall_ico_voting_bot where they will need to complete the survey.

ICO Voting Survey requirements:

By completing the survey provided by the Telegram bot @icocall_ico_voting_bot you agree to disclose publicly your personal opinion about the voted ICO

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How to Vote

In order to vote you have to visit the ICO listing on the platform and click on the button. You will be redirected to our Telegram Voting bot @icocall_ico_voting_bot where you will have to complete the survey in order to validate your vote.

You can't vote directly an ICO without prior visiting the listing page on platform.

Current ICO ranks

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4QuickX Protocol2

User Comments

ICO Comment Date
XERAHighly Liquid and Secure is what Exchanges are crying out for and this has this along with being very qucik.2018-11-16 10:20:25
XERAThe way it decentralize the excahnge2018-11-15 20:12:44
XERAIt's a new kind of exchange2018-11-13 08:58:02
XERAStanding out from the crowd in the upcoming new exchanges.2018-11-12 11:38:50
XERAUnique exchange2018-11-11 21:59:42
XERAit is going to change crypto exchanges2018-11-11 21:51:54
XERAAn exchange which improves liquidity and allows fiat integration2018-11-11 21:41:44
XERArevolutionary exchange with features none of the others have2018-11-11 21:36:26
XERAA lot of promising features especially for traders and experienced people behind the project.2018-11-11 16:06:37
XERAits a exchange like never before2018-11-11 15:15:29
XERAUltimate concept of different type of Exchange2018-11-11 15:12:44
XERAXera.tech2018-11-11 12:39:39
XERAThe XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing.2018-11-11 12:31:38
XERABecause it's an exchange based ICO and it has all the potentials to be the best of ICOs2018-11-11 11:55:19
XERAXera ICO is special because it is working on solving what other exchanges couldn’t solve.2018-11-11 11:45:24
AbacasXchangeThey're offering a surface that is very unique and that's the potential to have mass adoption2018-11-06 18:12:45
XERAPlease could you confirm Xera for my vote2018-11-04 09:08:49
Humancoinits will help our couminty and change it to the best2018-11-03 16:33:09
XERAXera is a promising trading platform with features that no other trading platform is providing2018-11-02 22:22:11
XERAThe XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing2018-11-01 16:13:47
XERALiquidity pool, fastest trading engine, auto-trading inbuild tool, and many other features which are must for any trader.2018-11-01 08:25:55
XERAExchange speed, liquidity and triggers2018-10-31 05:48:33
XERAIt Offers many features that are not available on current exchanges such as liquidity and fita integration. It is also designed to accomodate both new and advanced traders2018-10-31 00:09:22
XERAIt is robust amontg the other ICO2018-10-30 16:21:59
XERA/start2018-10-30 16:09:58
XERAEvolution of trading platform2018-10-30 15:08:53 blockchain-io2018-10-25 15:22:23
Blockchain.ioIt is an exchange that is trying to incorporate fiat/crypto exchange into the system2018-10-19 19:34:11
Talenticogreat team. social vision. great MVP.2018-10-19 18:09:00
XERAThis has so many features, and it will be super fast. One of the fastest exchanges actually. So this will be awesome!2018-10-19 07:00:07
Blockchain.ioIt's Paymium backed.. already proven experience and the most reliable ICO2018-10-19 01:02:04
AbacasXchangecause this ICO game changer between exchanges.2018-10-18 22:19:38
AbacasXchangeVery unique2018-10-18 20:39:57
AbacasXchangeBecause it has great features2018-10-18 19:32:45
Blockchain.ioHigh security and excellent customer service2018-10-18 19:09:00
Blockchain.ioThe most unique features of is the combination of centralized characteristics with decentralized settlement.2018-10-18 18:26:07
Buying.comNext generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform2018-10-18 17:20:05
XERATech. Team and vision2018-10-18 16:42:02
Blockchain.ioThe aproach is innovative2018-10-18 16:02:21
XERAI like the team and concept.2018-10-18 15:33:33
Blockchain.ioThe ICO is special because the tries to leverage both the strenghts of Centralized and decentralized exchanges.2018-10-18 15:10:53
Blockchain.ioNew hybrid technology which combines security end efficiency2018-10-18 14:58:44
Blockchain.ioBecause it is exactly what we want in a modern exchange.. atomic swaps and all2018-10-18 13:29:06
Blockchain.ioIt's a very good project backed by professional team.2018-10-18 13:22:23
Blockchain.ioThis project was started by the already established team from paymium! It consists of dedicated team members with enough experience2018-10-18 13:16:41
Blockchain.ioVery awesome2018-10-18 13:15:53
Blockchain.ioAs for me, I like the blend of centralized features and Decentralized settlements2018-10-18 13:02:54
Blockchain.ioIt has a great and trusted team. With a great feature of decentralized with centralized. Also, promises to be most secured exchange.2018-10-18 12:52:22
Blockchain.ioThe best ico of the year2018-10-18 12:46:28 as a crypto-trading platform for the European Union is special since it gives incentives to ICO participants and assures a certain level of security to investors and end-users.2018-10-18 12:41:13
Blockchain.ioI participated on this ICO because i believe this will be the number one exchange in Europe in a few years, surpassing all others!!2018-10-18 07:36:39
AbacasXchangeBecause they are built a exchanges which can exchange all type of assets...2018-10-18 05:07:42
QuickX ProtocolBest technology, nd Debit card2018-10-18 02:00:47
QuickX ProtocolQuickx is fast protocal services2018-10-18 01:53:46
AbacasXchangeBecause Forex and Crypto exchanges will never die!2018-10-18 00:39:16